Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Manmohan Singh's Speech

I came back from my office with a searing headache on the 27th of November,2008.I started the day witnessing the worst terrorist attacks in India unfolding in front of my eyes.I know I am not equipped or trained to fight those bastards, but my soul was burning when I saw the devastation being done by the terrorists, live on TV. I took a headache capsule and tried to get some rest but was drawn again in front of the TV set... just could not keep myself away from what was happening out there at Mumbai. Well, by evening time the battle within my head had subsided although the battle with Terrorists was gaining momentum. Then came a killer of a speech by our P.M. I felt ashamed to say the least that it was our Prime Minister addressing the country at the time of such a national crisis & tragedy.He was as insipid as a newly wed shy girl. Was he addressing the nation or was he taking to himself ? Dear minister, how would you inspire confidence to the billion strong nation with such a timid presentation of yourself ? I have great respect for what you have done for our Economy. But you failed as a leader !! What could you do to stop our rogue neighbour ? What can your octogenarian ministers do at this time? Please answer.

"List"less Measures !

The Indian Govt seems to have handed over a list of 20 terrorists to Pakistan. Well are we expecting that Pakistan will send them in a chartered flight ? Giving a list could be the first step. But with our experience which we had with previous dealings with our Rogue neighbour, they are unlikely to provide us any help. Condoleeza Rice is coming to India tomorrow. We should, in no nonsense terms tell U.S that our "War" is as important as theirs. India must not bow down to any pressures from the U.S to ease our stand on Pakistan. It's Now Or Never. Irrespective of whether our stance against Pakistan "hampers" their "so called" support in the "WAR on TERROR" on their Western Frontier, we should make it absolutely clear to the U.S about our stance and position. Make no mistake : Pakistan will not help in any way with "Joint Investigations" !

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Israel Way !

I have been trying a lot to stop my emotions from getting ahead of myself. But sometimes I feel that our toothless leaders and the this Eunuch Congress Party should learn from Israel .. the way to handle crisis and way to respond. No, I am not supporting baseless aggression, but a measured and calculated one that limits collateral damage and destroys specific chosen targets. The way Israel does ! It's of no use to be speaking peace with Rogue States. It's time to act hard and in a no nonsense way.Enough has been done and said at the excuse and expense of one GOD DAMN Religion !!

Ei Patil : Koothe Jaise ? Paishe Gheun ja !!!

December 01, 2008 10:04 ISTLast Updated: December 01, 2008 10:24 IST
The heads have started rolling in Maharashtra after the deadly terrorist attack on Mumbai.A day after the country's home minister Shivraj Patil [
Images] resigned, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil resigned from the state Cabinet, saying that "he went by his conscience"."I have gone by my conscience and I have decided to put in my papers," Patil told the Press Trust of India. Patil drew flak when he described the Mumbai terror attacks as a small incident. Reports indicate that there was huge pressure on Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh to quit as well.

Well I guess, you deserve to go ! BTW, given your communication skills, how did you manage to grab the post of Deputy CM ?