Sunday, October 28, 2007

Comeback Trail - The spirit.

Did you hear what they whispered ?
That you do not have it in you ...
That you are not reliable..they believe so !
Even if you have faith in you...

The storm seems to have set in...
With it's black wings...growling...
You are on the run...forever ..untiring...
Trying to prove a point or find a hiding...

You were right in your terms and way..
Others were not wrong in what they say..
You hammered upon the truth for long...
A glittering smile covering your melancholy song..

What should you do more ? soul searching ?
Or should you be leaving the scene... quietly..
They say, losers calls it quit...
Lest you turn back and find a reason …to fight!

Let's pray from the heart , pray for the goodwill..
You can set things right…You can light the candle..
The storm will pass away…
Truth shall prevail..there's nothing you cannot handle..
You shall have your way…


Monday, October 22, 2007

Dawaai Kha liya

This is story of 21st century Pune Postal Dept, rather it could very well be the story of the Indian Postal service.The story has it's root in my ability to catch cold and magnify the cold to stupendous proportions.I regularly take homoeopathic medicine and deny the cold from getting better of myself.My father happened to send some homeopathic medicines for myself through our "reliable" postal department.Well, I was unfortunately out of my house when the delivery of medicines came.The postman naturally left a slip on my door with a request to collect the delivery from the post office nearby. Blame my laziness, I could not manage to visit the post office in the next 3 days. Alas, if only I would have known the tragic fate of my medicines. I managed to visit the Post Office inside Pune University the 4th day. I entered a dark room where couple of post office officials were chatting.I asked them about the parcel and they pointed my to another room, equally dark.One official was sorting out some letters to be delivered later that day.Upon hearing my request, he took myself to another room. He started searching for my stuffs among a bunch of envelopes...I pointed out that my stuffs are small plastic bottles. He was taken aback with this statement of mine and said ... "Dawaai hain kya... aapka hain ? " ...I murmured .. " haan .." ... He then made a shocking revelation... "Appka dawaai kha liya !!! " ... I was at a loss what to say.. "kha liya ? kown khaya ?" ... His pale voice uttered.. "Chuha na kha liya " ... I thought ..Woh.. this really is the rat race of life !! My medicines have been done away with by rats. My subsequent complaints and expressions of disgust went in vain as the man smilingly put the blame on the Post Office Authorities for nor providing a closed chamber to keep such sensitive stuffs/deliverable like medicines etc.. I came out of the post office in fury. While driving back , I remembered the recently organised "Lead India" Campaign by Times group. Really we need some one to clear up such mess. As for the holy RAT, well it might just have saved itself from the ensuing harsh winter !!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Tak Dum Tak Dum - Pujo Elo Re !!

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Durga Durgoti Nashini


With Allah on their side

I came across a writing in that reciprocates my concern about the influence of Religion on sports. This might also could be a reason of my last post. Glad I found a writing that echoes what I wanted to pen down in my blog but did not have the time and interest.Please read and share your comments.

While adhering to one's religion is totally up to an individuals' choice, one must also remember that there exists other people with similar views and different religion. We should accept & respect the facts (respectively) that we are no one to judge and enforce the ubiquity of our religion lest we forget that it was human being who created religion(s).
The link from CricInfo :