Saturday, September 29, 2007

T20 .. 20 years later !

Well, it's been quite some time that I have kept myself away from the scribbling pad of my blog, knowingly and unknowingly, as I was too much into the happenings in my personal life, my marriage to be precise. I definitely have something to share about the ceremony, the new life, the trip to Mauritius and much more. But I thought the Indian Crickets team exploits with the T20 tourney have forced myself to shun my recently acquired laziness and write a few lines. ! 1983 was the last when Kapil Paaji along with the other greats of Indian Cricket lifted the Cricket world cup. I was a Young kid then. But the sheer energy and passion generated out of this win in the smaller yet dashing version of cricket has been hard to let go.I had to submerge in it. I did submerge and could realise the joy of the cricket fans in 1983. Well the tourney symbolises youth and the achievements of the youth. Needless to mention that without the Walls, Dadas and the Sachins Indian team was a depleted lot. But the fearless manner in which they had gone with the business is best represented by Juvraj with his towering sixes. Ravi Shastri was made to heave a sigh of having to witness his record being repeated. The final was well fought with the teams matching each other in every respect. Pakistan paid dearly due to some false shots by their premier players. At the end the spirit of the tourney was high as the game was played with due sport man spirit , with least of animosity, barring a few lines from the Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik during the presentation ceremony. The captain, (With due regards to his abilities) seems to have forgotten the fact that he does not represent a religion, neither is he the ambassador of their religion...when he said "I would like to thank the people of our country and the Muslims all over the world for their support" . Now hang on Shoaib, how could you be so agonisingly immature or astonishingly uneducated to miss out on the fact that India itself has a Muslim population more than your country.... Shah Rukh is a Muslim, Irfan Pathan, Zaheer Khan also are and so is Abdul Kalam, our ex-president. I don't want to go to the details of who they supported but please do not bring religion into Sports. Leave this one thing alone. And if you want to really thank some one , thank Humanity for allowing to to be what you are... for allowing you to be able to stand in front of millions and say what you have been. Please get out of Prejudices !!!!