Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Myself and my wife had a pretty nice tour of Mumbai recently.One might question as to why should one tour Mumbai, given the time of the year and Mumbai being what it is. But we had a very pleasant stay there and roamed around along with some intermittent shopping sprees. Oh did I not tell you that it was our 1st Anniversary ? It was a wonderful time, it revived the memories of a year back when we got married. As for myself, I was familier with Mumbai but I was indeed happy to take my wife around the city. She didn't get a chance to explore Mumbai before. Among the best moments were the dinner at JW Marriot and the rhythm at Enigma. The music at Enigma was not great though but we kept our feet moving to the rocking tunes. We were planning to visit Kerala, but sticked to Mumbai instead fearing the monsoon. Monsoon in the hills will spoil the charm of our trip ....we thought. The market at Linking Street, Bandra was pretty happening as opposite to the calm of BARC complex, where we went to visit my cousin's place. He is a nuclear scientist in BARC. The parliamentary confidence motion on India's nuclear deal was going on.I was watching the show along with my cousin. At that point in time I made an inadvertent comment which I dearly repent having spoken. I am actually in favour of the nuclear deal whereas my cousin, is surprisingly against the deal. He used to be a "Comrade" in his college days, and his faith in socialism and the CPI(M) along with it's policies still persists. I got a taste of the socialistic hot curry when I said , "Prakash Karat should be hanged". The fury of a nuclear scientist (Read Ex-Comrade) was on full flow. He started a lecture sesssion on how the left front is right and why the deal should not be persued by India. He is of the firm opinion that the deal is bad for India. It was my first visit to his place after marriage, along with my wife. Such a rounding up in front of my wife was not pleasing at all :) We had a fun time in the evening and a music and song session where we all sang bengali & hindi together. It was fun time in Mumbai.