Monday, February 18, 2008

Place of Birth.

Writing an essay about our place of birth can always been an absorbing task and can be a very nostalgic experience.It can be challenging too as putting our emotions and our childhood into pieces of paragraphs which others would enjoy would be a daunting task. I was born and brought up at Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Tripura happens to be one of the North eastern "Seven Sisters" states of India. It is infact the smallest one in terms os geographical span....More later... but surely coming...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Aaj Tak.

Of late a severe cold wave has been sweeping the country, from North India to Mumbai. This has resulted in deaths being reported from Jammu region.The media although did report about the deaths, chose not to put them into "Breaking News" category. But the news in the image above found it's way into the "Breaking News" category !
Apart from the cold wave, Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena under the able leadership of Raj "Thok" Re, has been making news of late. They do not seem to like anything coming from it the cold wave or the migrants.I consider myself to be on the safer side as I have a suffix after North to my advantage... I am from "North-East" :). But then I have wisely chosen not to take any risk going ahead. I already have a keen interest in languages and understand Marathi quite a bit (Over the last two years). So if I get a phone call from Raj "Thok" Re, I shall reply, "Me Kaushik Boltoy" and "Majha Pura naam Kaushik Datte " ! One of my friend in HCL Technologies used to call me "Datte" .. I really find this modified surname appropriate in Pune now.
One more news which has caught my attention is that one "Somdev Dev Burman" from Tripura is playing for the Indian Davis Cup Tennis Team.That's one more after Sachin Dev Burman and Pancham Da enthralled the music lovers for decades.Hope there are more of them in the coming times..
Disclaimer : This post is written totally on a humourous note.No disregard meant to any one/any language.