Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cricket @ Nevis !

Nevis Networks intra company cricket match it was today...! Had to pull my sleepy soul from the bed with definite inherent protests from the body as to if this really is worth an effort getting up at 6.00 in the morning to play a cricket match.Now hey!..isn't cricket our "Game of passion"("Game of Nation" being hockey !!!) ?? So I had to do justice to the millions of cricket loving fans' emotions. motion which says play this "Gentle Man's " game in the right spirit. I thought I might just add some fighting spirit too apart from being in "right" spirits. That took me to the ground where our cricketers were busy defining the rules of the match and setting the batting pitch length...quite an effort without Ground Stuffs!! The game started with our folks cheering as we went to bat first. And voila didn't we bat well..we scored a pretty decent total of 142 in 20 overs.I contributedwith 37, which fortunately was the highest score :) Lot's of runnings, appeals,throws,wides,no balls and sweat ...the atmosphere was electric.We had a brief interval of 15 minutes before the opposition went in to bat.A round of cold drinks,water,glucose went in underneath the hot sun.We did bowl well and bowled with vengeance !! They were bowled out for 106 ! Huh ! performance ..isn't it ? I did get a couple of wickets and so was adjudged the "Man of the match". Happy news, thought of sharing it with my father.. I called him up but got a nonchalant reply :)... "tumi jodhi man of the match how , tahole baki ra kemon khelowar bojhai gelo " bengali..which means if I could be the man of the match, then one could be sceptical about the quality of otherplayers...A fitting tribute isn't it ? :( Wonder if ever any Tendulkars,Dhonis and Sehwags received such a complement for being man of the match !! But all in all it has been a good sporting Saturday .