Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wah Taj !

The Taj Hotel realxing a bit after the Commando operation was done. The dim light of dusk and the glowing lights in some rooms portray a stark contrast. The Gloom and the and the ray of Hope !

Thanks, Minister !

OK, I see some actions on the part of the Congress Party and our PM to be precise to restore and sanitise his core team of Ministers. Well ...flush out the old weeds, the old monks. We thank the redundant ones for their service and support for India's cause. Thanks Shivraj Patil for whatever you have done ! We also wonder as to what all you could have done apart from being just a home minister. We the "aam Janata" do not get the proper picture and news always as we like the millions of indians rely on the News Channels for the informations... and we more or less belive whatever is told to us. You might have tried your best and you might have all the best intentions. But I guess you were not good enough ... every one has a time to retire .. I guess. So there you go Minister. Take a break and have a good time. Allow someone more fit to take your place. Thanks R.R Patil for your stammering infront of the TV Camera... you sounded like a bufoon ! Your casual comments are wonderful! I thought you are the deputy C.M of Maharashtra. Thanks Vilasrao Deshmukh. How is your son faring in Bollywood ? I saw him with you and Ramu (Ram Gopal Verma) at Taj today. Good to you see you all together ! TV channels say the commandos took 9 hours to come to the spot of action. Whay do you say ? "Slow but steady wins the race " ?? Huh! We have lost so much ..isn't it ??
Thanks Manmohan Singh Ji ! Please go ahead with more aggression !

Saturday, November 29, 2008



This Picture would continue to haunt our country for generations !!

Mumbai - In Flames

I am trying to my best to write a "New" post after a long gap of time. But looking back at what has happened over the last 4 days, it is hard to separate this post of mine from the previous one. It was exactly a few months back that we had been to Mumbai on a small happy trip. It was a small but sweet tour of Mumbai. We raomed around the Nariman Point, Gateway Of India , Taj and the Marine drive quite a lot. The latest and the biggest Terrorist Attacks which we have seen on Indian Soil (Thanks Pakistan, Thanks Jehadis and your Religion : The world would be a better place without you all !!!) is a very very bitter pill to swallow. This dastardly act of Violence and cowardice has led to the killing of the innocent many..innocent Indians, Innocent Foreigners.I find it hard to belive and still being forced to do so in utter pain that the Taj and Mumbai in all it's glory is up in flames today. The same place we have so much of pleasant memories of. Incredible India ?? That's right ... that's the catch word for the tourists as this wonderful country of ours has been host to people of all sects, religion, caste and creed from across the world. I SALUTE the valiant efforts of the NSG Commandos, the Army Man and Navy ... who have brought the situation under control and wiped out the terrorists. TIME FOR REAL TOUGH ACTION.. BEFORE LETTING MY EMOTIONS GO LOOSE ANY MORE, I WOULD LIKE TO KEENLY OBSERVE HOW INDIAN GOVT REACTS !!
Jai Hind !!!!!!