Friday, June 19, 2009

The Journey Continues....

It's probably been the longest gap since I have written a post on my blog.My life has been going on as usual barring the fact that my journey throughout the length and breadth of this country continues.I have been introspecting a lot these days about the way things have turned out in the recent past and have been led to the conclusion that, life always chooses the best for us.We just need to trust our destiny and keep our eye on the next lap of life.Life keeps unfolding as it has always been for all of us.I am sure about the fact that verdicts from certain forces sometime might make us look feeble but it DOES NOT have the power to keep us down and out.We always bounce back and we always will. There also has been lot of learning just by watching the world economy as it has turned out, the downturn ,the analysis, the predictions and most importantly the steps being taken for a recovery worldwide. I do feel that I am lucky to be going through such a downturn because a lot of folks out there haven't seen such a thing for long. This has been a learning and an eye opener.But I am sure we shall emerge stronger when things start looking bright. As I pack my bags for another journey, a new destination which I hope would be the last before I surrender to the flow of life's natural well being. Thank you Pune for everything and every support.I am more "Marathi Manoos" right now than I was four years back. I have enjoyed each and every moment of my stay in Pune and I could not be more thankful & grateful.
Bangalore, here I come !!